The Desk

July 20, 2010

I built this desk last year and decided to give it an overhaul for my new place. It’s 8 feet long and nearly 2 feet deep. The first time around I had an older MacBookPro on it that ran so hot it split the top. It seemed like it was time to refinish the top and improve the base.

The initial build was a bit too high to comfortably work at. So the legs have been trimmed down and had adjustable feet attached. I also have an extreme distaste for cables and wires. They aren’t very aesthetically pleasing and they are just a nuisance to deal with. This time there are notches in the back to provide several access points to cables that will be stowed in a gutter hidden at the back of the desk.



I have no idea how old the legs are. They were found under my parents porch. They’re clearly hand made because they are not all exactly the same. I opted to cut off their damaged bits and make some simple block feet for them. The block feet have now been trimmed down a bit and are sporting adjustable feet. IMG_0234

The top is pocket-joined poplar for a tight, seamless surface. The poplar soaked in the stain really well (I used Zar’s Teak Wood Stain). IMG_0237

Here’s the finished product. That’s a 17” MacBook Pro (plugged in) for reference. IMG_0278

You have to kneel down to actually see any cords. IMG_0279

I’ll probably swap these pictures out for higher quality ones when I have a wider lens for my SLR

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